Kit List

Monnow Media invests in the latest High Definition cameras and editing equipment - suitable for a wide range of applications and budgets. At the very highest end, we can also provide also remote-controlled drone aircraft, jibs and cable cams for projects needing the very highest production values. Whatever your project, we've got the kit to match. Check out our gallery of of the equipment we can provide, and if you want to discuss requirements for your project, just get in touch at



Sony NEX-FS700 4K High Speed Camera


4K capability up to 960 frames per second

Range of Canon Lenses

Range of Nikon Prime Lenses

Sachtler Tripod

3 monitors


Lighting Kit


Canon 550D DSLR Camera


Range of lenses: 300mm, 80-200mm, 17-40mm


Sachtler Tripod


JVC GY-HM650 Camera


Cutting-edge lightweight camera kit

Able to broadcast live via internet/3G/4G

Sachtler Tripod

Sony UWP-V1 Radio Microphones



Final Cut Pro X Workstation


Apple iMAC

Final Cut Pro X

Motion - Graphics and Captioning Software

Compressor - compression and versioning

G-Technology G-Raid External Hard Disks


Retina Macbook Pro Mobile Editing


Retina Macbook Pro

Final Cut Pro X

Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt Drive

EE 4G Mi-Fi with 50GB Data

Extended Rigs


Aerial Camera Rigs


3 x multi-rotor craft (2 x octocopter, 1 x hexocopter) with stabilized gimbal mounts


Carrying Sony CX370, PJ810, Canon 550D, Panasonic GH4 (4K)


Jibs and Mounts


4.5m Jib

Handheld stabilised mounts (Steadicam)

Cable Cam

15m telescopic mast


Action Cameras


Multiple Go-Pro Cameras

Full range of mounts