5 ways online video will boost your business

The number of videos watched online has risen by more than 800% over the last 6 years, and that growth isn't slowing down any time soon.

Having an online video is a great way to increase the profile and sales of your business and here are the 5 key reasons why.


Search Engine Optimisation. Sounds pretty boring, but it's hugely important. Essentially, it’s about getting your website on page 1 of Google, where customers actually see you. Video’s a big part of that. Google LOVES video on your web page. The amount of time people stay on your website is a key factor for Google’s algorithms. Video means that visitors stay on your site around 20% longer than if there isn’t anything for them to see.

With video on your website, you can also access the power of “Rich Snippets” – the little video preview images which appear in Google searches if you’ve got a video on your website. As well as drawing the eye, they also improve click-through hugely. I know that I’m much more likely to click on something that looks like it’s going to have something good to watch, we all are.

Moving your business up Google’s rankings and giving customers something nice to click on – what’s not to like?


Video’s a fantastic way to improve awareness of your brand or “personality”. If your business has amazing customer service, nobody’s going to believe it if you just write that down. If website users can “meet” your team online and see what they’re like at work, then you can get that message across much more clearly.

It’s the same with demonstrating your wares. Video’s great for showing exactly how good your product is. If customers can see exactly what something looks like, and how it works, they’re MUCH more likely to buy it. Makes sense doesn’t it?


Video’s SO good for demonstrating products that it also has a huge effect on sales conversion. Appliances Online (or AO.com as they’re now called) do quick, simple product demo videos. But wait for this - someone who watches an AO.com video is more than TWICE as likely to actually buy the thing as someone who doesn’t. To put a top hat on it, they also spend almost 10% more than the average customer. Video’s starting to look like a pretty cool thing to have on your website all of a sudden.


Faster connection speeds mean hassle-free streaming of HD video on the go is now a reality. Increasingly, we’re doing our shopping on the go, whilst we’re on the bus or train or perhaps just killing time between appointments.

Mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as a laptop or desktop user, so if you can engage all these video watching mobile purchasers, you’re going to get a significant jump on your competition.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. That’s a huge market, and a video on your website is going to get you a piece of that action.


The truth is, having a high-quality video on your website just makes everything look better. If you want to create a profile for your company which makes it look professional, classy, forward-thinking and savvy, then video’s the way to go.

You can use video for anything you like. It doesn’t just have to be on your website. You can use it for presentations or pitches, once you’ve got it, the choice is yours.

You can put video in your customer emails too. Communications with video in them have a 300% higher click-through rate than static email. Video can enhance every single one of your marketing activities.


If you're interested in what we can offer, you can see some examples of the films we've produced on our VIDEOS page, and if you would like a free consultation to discuss your options, just get in touch at info@monnowmedia.com - we're always happy to chat.

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